Boost your sales with
breakthrough e-commerce marketing solution

"Keeping a real-time pulse on purchasing data"

Let digital ad campaigns achieve maximum performance and its contribution to actual sales revenue. 

Main function of LightHouse

Deploy ads on multiple channels at once

You can create multiple campaigns on omni channels in one spot.

We simplify campaign process for you to start quick, test easy, focus on what really works. 

Google Ads

Full Google Ads integration including Search, Display,

Re-marketing, Video



with Facebook Ads



with Insgtagram Ads



with Youtube Ads

Real-time performance management

SmartMind AI Orchestrates omni channels to achieve the best results. 

Once the ads are deployed, everything is automated. 

Check the comprehensive dash-boards to monitor your campaigns in real time. 

Get actionable insights from your own data

We laser focus on the valid 1st party data (click-stream data directly collected from your website).

The customer behavior pattern analysis will give you actionable insights 

You can never have with 2nd/3rd data. 

Digital Transformation support

Our excellent DT tech LAB have conducted projects with different partners in various sectors. We customize the support based on the needs of clients and their digital transformation level. 

Validated SaaS

Shape Solutions


 Deep Learning Base

Semiconductor Wafer 
Marker Detection

fault classification

flaw search 


Prediction of Time Series Sensor Data 
Based on the Internet of Things

Predict specific biometric data 
using multivariate sensor data

Fashion / Shopping

Customer Order Pattern Analysis

Optimization of SCM for Multiple
Small Quantity Products

Text / Image 

Text analysis, OCR,
Image analysis,
Through media analysis, etc.
Carry out AI processing

Livestock industry

 Big Data Processing & 
Machine Learning-based 
Product Price Forecast 
(Future Price Forecast)


Oil / Chemistry 

Predictive Maintenance 
Reduce Downtime 
Through Fault Diagnosis 
(Cost Reduction)


Media Public Data
Big Data Deployment Plan
research project

SmartMind validated

solution model



AI-based image analysis/recommendation module

Perform AI processing through text analysis, OCR, image analysis, media analysis, etc.
Extract and DBize key keywords and insights
Leverage to advance services

AI-based text, voice module

Provide text information, provide keywords, and provide KMS
AI secretarial bots reduce costs and maximize work efficiency

IOT Data

Companies with their own data
(ex: Goods, Machines, Factories, Smart Factory)

Customer & User Data

Companies with user behavior-based data (ex: people, behavior)

AI-based time series/prediction conservation module

Development of an industrial Internet-based drilling system and optimization of field operation technology
Preventive Maintenance, Fault Diagnosis
Reduced cost (reduced down time)

Public Data

Companies that do not have their own data

AI-based text, audio, video, time series complex module

Deep learning algorithms, micro-segmentation, provide services
Optimize to improve performance


Data Analysis Seminar
Problem Definitions, Use Case Excavation


Data Science POC Progress
Building an Analytical Infrastructure
(Provides Cloud/Install-Based Research Environment)


Data Product Deployment
Data Visualization
Build customer-specific solutions


AI (Artificial Intelligence) that specializes in increasing customer sales and reducing costs.

Efficient Big Data Processing Platform,Optimization-related papers and patents held


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